One-Stop Hamster Boarding!

One-Stop Hamster Boarding!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Signs of a Pregnant Hamster

  1. Increase in activity, like building up a nest, hoarding of food, particularly near the nest
  2. Rapid increase in weight, the size of your hamster, getting wider particularly around the lower part of the body
  3. Increase in appetite 
  4. Excessive thirst often accompanies pregnancy in hamsters, but it may also be a sign of gastrointestinal distress from fruits and vegetables as well.
  5. If you're housing her with other hamsters, you might see an increase in hostility from her to the other hamsters
  6. Nipples will be visible a week before the birth
  7. She might be more territorial
  8. She might not want to be held by you at all
Pregnant dwarf hamster

Pregnant Campbell dwarf hamster
Protruding nipple from a Pregnant Robo 

Picture courtesy from Google

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