One-Stop Hamster Boarding!

One-Stop Hamster Boarding!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011



  • We will not take more hamster than we can board.
    As each hamster require equal amount of love and attention.

  • We will accept pregnant hamsters under certain termsExtra would be charged for each baby passing a month of age.
    Please send me a mail if you're in doubt.

  • We will Never breed your hamsters with our hamsters
    This is to protect our and your hamster wellbeing and mental health. It is also unethical if we do that, and we wouldn't want you to lose trust in us

  • There is a compulsory deposit of $40 regardless of how many days your hammie stay
    This is to prevent people from abandoning their hamster in our house.
    We will also use this amount to use in case your hamster falls sick and require medical attention.
    We will keep records of the expenditure of your hamster during the period of stay.
    The amount will be returned to you in full when you come to collect your hamster if provided that no money is used for visiting the vet.

  • We have rights to reject a boarding customer.
    We will ask a few questions about the hamsters’ personality health and maintenance procedure before deciding to board your hammie

  • Housing & Supplies
    It is best that you provide your own cage as some hamsters might be over stressed from the sudden change of the surrounding. If you don’t want we have tank/cage that you can house your hammie with.
It is recommended that you bring your own food along as your hamster might not be able to accept the change of food suddenly, especially Syrians as they are prone to have wet tail.
The change of bedding material will take place every 2 weeks or whenever required.

  • We will not take in sick hamsters
    Unless your hamster's condition is not very serious or just a need a simple feed of medication daily. As even though i have 3 years of experience, i am not as trained as a veterinarian, and i might not give the same service as what the vet can provides

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